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Physical Education

Hi Hampton families, below you will find a link to the physical education e-learning work for the week. In short, keep track of all of the wonderful physical activities you do each day/week and log them.

I have supplied the fitness log document as a PDF and Word Doc.   The log can be completed in any form that works for you. You can also just write it on a blank piece of paper!  At the end of each week please email me a picture of your completed log. You may also include other pictures of “evidence” of you being physical active.

Each week, on Mondays, I will post a new fitness calendar for you to follow.  Just click on your grade level.  Your requirement is to be active at least 80 minutes a week = two 40min P.E. classes.   You may log any type of physical activity that you do.  You are also required to do your P.E. warm-ups two times a week.

Remember that playing is learning. Running & jumping, playing basketball, climbing trees, riding a bike, going for a family walk, yoga, dancing, home workout videos….

Do what makes you happy


I have sent home health packets.  The packets include four weeks of health material. Our focus will be on nutrition. The packets have no instructions included in them.  Please wait for your weekly lesson to be posted before you do any of the worksheets.  There will be one lesson per week.  I will post a link each week to your health lesson on the day your scheduled health class is.  You will just have to click on your grade level. Each week I will also post 1 to 2 new healthy recipes for you to try cooking with an adult (trying the recipes is optional.) Each week you will be required to email me a picture of your completed health worksheets before your next lesson is posted, and if you choose to cook any of the recipes, send pictures.

** Remember to Eat a RAINBOW.  A variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet will get you the vitamins and minerals you need.

Scheduled Health Lessons

Kindergarten: Wednesday

Grade 1: Tuesday

Grade 3: Thursday

Grade 4: Wednesday

Grade 5: Wednesday

Grade 6: Thursday


On this page you will also find brain break ideas, and links.  I will add new ideas and links weekly.

  • Short brain breaks during work time have been shown to have real benefits. They reduce stress and frustration and increase attention and productivity.  The key is to take them before fatigue, distraction or lack of focus set in.  The goal of brain breaks for kids is to help their brains shift focus. 
  • Brain breaks are short, energizing bursts of activity that boost blood flow, send oxygen to the brain, and help kids better retain information. It can be as simple as taking five minutes to stand up, stretch, and run in place.


Activity Log Pdf

Activity Log Google Doc