Week 8: Your assignment was also posted in google classroom. Click on the link to explore my Virtual P.E. Class. Each object will bring you to an activity. Try / log at least 2 activities this week. Have Fun! In google classroom I made a copy of the P.E. log for each student. Once you click on the link, you can type right on it. 

Click: Ms. Garrison’s Virtual Classroom


Week 7: 

It is exciting to witness so many individuals and families engaging in all types of outdoor activities during this unprecedented time due to the Cornavirus19.  Many students and their families are participating in a variety of physical activities to be healthy and mentally strong. Physical activity helps to decrease anxiety and stress.  So remember to take frequent breaks to get up and move.  Find the activities you like to do, do them frequently, and remember to stay safe. 

May is Nation Bike Month.  Riding you bike is an excellent activity to do alone or with your family.  Please remember to wear helmets.  If it has wheel, wear a helmet (rollerblades, skateboarding, razor, scooter.)  This week along with continuing your Jedi Training, try and get outside for a 10-15 min bike ride each day, weather permitting.   You may also ride: scooter, rollerblades/ skates, or skateboard.  This week’s health lesson will be a review on bike safety.


Week 6… May the 4th be with you!  Have fun with your Jedi Training and May the Force be with you! Clink on the link for the traing actitities and calendar.  This is a two week challenge, but you can continue the training for the month of May if you would like to.   Email me a picture of your completed work. 

  Link:   Jedi Training


Week 5

Week of April 27, 2020

This Week for P.E. along with continuing to fill out your activity log, try some different dances.  Learn at least one new dance.  Have fun and dance along to any of the videos.   Send me a short video or pictures of you dancing.  The dances at the top of the list are more challenging.

Kidz Bop Shuffle

Best Day of My Life

Dance Monkey

Cotton Eye Joe

Cupid Shuffle around the World

P.E. Dance Warm-up

Maxarena- GoNoodle

Electric Slide- GoNoodle

Chicken Dance- GoNoodle

Disney Dance Challenge #1

Disney Dance Challenge #2

Week 4

This week you are required to continue with logging at least 80 minutes of any activity, and you are required to send me a video of you performing your favorite activity. Examples: Riding your bike, jumping on your trampoline, playing basketball, and hiking. You may also choose any of the previous 3 weeks activities. Next week you will be choosing a dance to learn, so get your dancing shoes ready. Email logs and videos to garrisonk@hamptonschool.org

Activity Calendar- The calendar will change weekly :  Feel free to check out 4th – 6th activity calendar and perform any of those activities. 

Your goal: 30min of activity a day

Requirement: Log 80min of activity a week

** You can log your own activities, the calendar activities, or both.  Do what make you happy!

Week 3:  4/13– 4/17 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Warm- up

·        Jog in place, jump rope, run around your house…just don’t stop moving for 3 minutes.

·        P.E. Warm-up Stretches

·        Jog in place, jump rope, run around your house…just don’t stop moving for 3 minutes.

·        P.E. Warm-up Stretches

·        Jog in place, jump rope, run around your house…just don’t stop moving for 3 minutes.

·        P.E. Warm-up Stretches

·        Jog in place, jump rope, run around your house…just don’t stop moving for 3 minutes.

·        P.E. Warm-up Stretches

·        Jog in place, jump rope, run around your house…just don’t stop moving for 3 minutes.

·        P.E. Warm-up Stretches

Home Activity

 Too Hot (click on to play video)

With ball in personal space: 2 min each

• Bounce the ball and catch it. (bounce catch, bounce catch)

• Toss the ball up and catch it.

• Toss the ball up, clap and catch it.

• Toss and catch with the right hand only.

• Toss and catch with the left hand only.

• Toss from hand to hand.

Empire State

Noodle exploration: use a noodle, paper towel roll, or similar shaped object.

• Be an elephant. The noodle is your trunk. Walk slowly staying in personal space – including your trunks!

• Be a dinosaur. Noodle is a snout, or spike on back. Jog in open space.

• Unicorns! The noodle is a horn. Use a fast-tempo gallop.

*Lay noodle down and skip around it. (Curved) • Hop along the side of the noodle. (Straight)

• Leave noodle on floor. Jump over the noodle. (Z • Leap over your noodle. (large & small extensions) • Side-slide far away from your noodle (near vs. far)

• Balance the noodle horizontally on any body part at a low level; medium level; high level. • Balance the noodle on the ground horizontally to make a wide statue; balance it vertically to make a narrow statue.

• The noodles are handle-bars. Open space is your race course. Follow directions to score points.

• Travel through mud (bound), and now on dry land (free).

• Parent says: forward/backward; right/left; up/down; clockwise/counterclockwise.

Don’t Sit Down

With a ball:

Dribble with hands and then feet, moving in different pathways.

• Shoot like a basketball so it arcs and lands right in front of your feet.

• Bowl (roll) the ball against the wall.

• Toss against the wall and catch on a bounce off the floor; without a bounce.

• Kick against the wall so it bounces straight back to you.

Standing, roll the ball around your body:

• In a circle, clockwise around both feet together; counterclockwise.

• Back and forth in front of the body; behind the body.

• In a circle around 1 leg and then the other.

On the floor:

• In plank position, back and forth from hand-to-hand.

• In sit-up position, between feet and then up overhead.


Can you complete each task with a scarf or grocery bag?

• Scarf in front of body, make giant clockwise circles.

• Scarf over head, make small counterclockwise circles.

• Scarf out to the right side, make a square.

• Scarf out to the left side, make a triangle.

• Switch hands and repeat all of the above.

• Scarf like a horse’s tail, gallop in open space.

• Scarf scrunched like a rabbit’s tail, jump in open space.

• Fold in half like a deer’s short tail, leap in open space.

• Scarf long like a cheetah’s tail, run in open space.

*Waive scarf at a high level, skip in open space.

• Waive scarf at a medium level, side-slide in open space.

• Waive scarf at a low level, walk in open space.

Clap It Out

With a partner and a ball:

• Roll the ball back and forth.

• Bounce the ball to each other. Try light and strong bounces. • Toss and catch with an underhand throw. • Toss the ball high and jump to make a catch.

• Toss the ball low and bend to make a catch.

With a partner, each partner with a ball:

• Roll the balls at the same time so they crash into one another.

• Roll the balls at the same time so they pass each other and make it to the opposite side.

• One partner bounce passes, the other tosses across.

• Mirror: One partner moves the ball in personal space while the other mirrors the movements.

• Follow the leader: With one partner in front and the other in back, the front partner will move through the activity area performing ball “tricks” while the other follows and copies the movements.



Let’s Unwind


Mindless to Mindful


Let’s Unwind


Mindless to Mindful


Let’s Unwind


Any activity can count towards your 80 minutes, remember to log it all.  Feel free to check out 4th – 6th activity calendar and perform any of those activities. 

 P.E . Warm-up Stretches
* 2 sets of 10 push-ups (first grade only) * 2 sets of 15 push-ups (2nd-3rd)  

* Front Plank 30 seconds

* L side Plank 30 seconds

* R side Plank 30 Seconds

* 25 Sit-ups

* 2 times superman 15 seconds each

* L side #4 stretch 30 seconds

* R side #4 stretch 30 seconds