About Hampton Elementary School


Built in 1991, this School provides a nurturing learning environment. Classes are small, optimizing each student’s opportunity to flourish, not only during school hours, but beyond.

Academics are taught in ways that capture the imagination and inspire further learning. Technological proficiency is woven into every grade – starting in pre-school where children are taught computer skills by certified special teachers. The school also has a one-on-one Early Literacy Program to ensure that each child is reading on grade level by third grade.

In addition, students are offered classes in the creative and dramatic arts and are invited to perform in the annual Concert and to show their work in the Spring Art Show. There is an excellent State award winning program – with wonderful outdoor playscapes and fields that complement the gymnasium.

After school, various clubs meet on Tuesday when a late bus is provided. Team sports for girls and boys are also offered by Hampton Recreation volunteers.

A transition program for HES 6th grade students, which includes a week-long trip with 6th graders from Chaplin and Scotland, helps build new friendships that ease the move to middle school.

To learn more about specific programs, the Parent/Teacher Organization, sports teams , arrange a visit, or volunteer to help, call 860-455-9409 between 8:15 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.