Team B with Ms. Sanchini

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October 20th Team B Color Splash Day

Enjoy your visit and come back soon! This page of the website is designed for Team B  with Ms. Sanchini. For more information, click the images, words, and especially the buttons.

Invention Convention


Team B is learning about inventions as part of their time for Enrichment with Mrs. Avis, Ms. Garrison, Mrs. Toth, Mrs. Sayles and me.   On Thursdays, we will develop and have time to create the prototype however it may also need time at home to complete.  When possible, there will be school materials available. Trifold boards and notebooks have been donated to our school from the Hampton Green Energy Committee. Attached is a letter explaining the process. No date has yet been set for the school convention. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Empathy Video Click Here!