Mrs. Katherine Schiano

Team A Grades 1 and 2

Contact Information:

(860) 455-9409 x135

This week’s homework:

Students will read fifteen minutes per night from a book of their choice. Each week, students will have the chance to bring their Chromebooks home to do some online homework. Also, students will be given Math homework on Tuesday and it is due on Friday.

Hello all! Welcome to Team A’s site. 

Special Schedule

Monday- Music

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Art(1st grade) and Health(2nd grade)

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Art(2nd grade) and Health(1st grade)

February Spirit Days


Date Theme
2/4/21 NFL Thursday- Super Bowl is near, so show your team spirit
2/11/21 Hero Day- Dress up like a real-life hero
2/12/21 Valentine’s Day Celebration- Wear hearts, red, pink, white, etc. to celebrate Valentine’s Day
2/17/21 Random Acts of Kindness Day- Do an act of kindness for someone and encourage them to pay it forward
2/18/21 Time Travel Day- Dress from the past(60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.) or for the future
2/25/21 School Spirit Day- Wear blue and yellow

Team A Updates 2/22/21

Lunch Menu

There will be a slight switch in lunch this week. Tuesday will be a turkey sandwich and Wednesday will be french toast. 



Students will be partaking in NWEA testing, which is given three times a year to see how they are growing throughout the year. NWEA testing does not reflect their report card grades, but only shows another way of how much they are learning. Reading will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, while math will be on Thursday and Friday. Makeups will be given next week! 


Outdoor Recess in the Snow

With all the snow this year, students have been able to play outside in the snow frequently. Students also have been bringing in sleds, which they have done a great job with that as well! If you would like to keep the sleds in school to minimize what is being brought home, please let me know. I have a safe spot for the sleds if they stay at school overnight. 


Online Homework

We will be moving to online homework twice a week starting on March 22, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at