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Welcome! We are starting the new year organizing our new performance groups. Students in Third grade will receive a recorder and will be learning the basic skills of playing an instrument. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders have the opportunity to join the school Band or Chorus, and Drama groups. Keep your eyes posted for upcoming Concert and Play dates in the near future. In music class, we begin our focus on creative decision making, analysis, and presentation skills. Students will use musical concepts learned in the past and expand those skills to create their own musical sound pieces and compositions. We will also be refreshing our note reading skills to help all our instrumentals prepare for the year.


We have new information about the flu this year. Click here to visit the health room page.


Position Statement on Arts Education

The Connecticut State Board of Education believes that every student needs and deserves a high-quality, comprehensive education in all of the arts, including dance, music, theatre and the visual arts. The arts play an essential role in the daily lives of citizens in our society, and are essential to the expression of human experience. An understanding and appreciation of the arts, as well as the ability to participate in creating and performing the arts, are essential attributes of an educated person. There is also strong evidence that students educated in and through the arts achieve at higher levels in other areas of the curriculum and in their adult lives.

National Standards for Music Education: