Art Room News:

Summer 2021

The research is in. ART is necessary for developing the creativity of our conscious mind.

Self-Awareness Art Program where art and science converge. is a web site loaded with plenty of resources for Kids of all Ages, Parents and Teachers. It offers a short Introduction video explaining clearly how and why art is so necessary. Check it out!

“The I Create What I Believe! Program is designed help both children and adults transform old beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors that hinder their ability to succeed. I invite you to watch this captivating video that simplifies the science and demystifies the biology and psychology behind this proven program.”

Happy Spring!

April 1, 2021

First Grade

In celebration of Women’s History month, the first graders learned about contemporary woman artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. They learned about abstract art and how to mix analogous colors. They painted big 18”x 18”, bright, beautiful flowers to welcome in spring. O’Keeffe would be proud!

Addy’s flower (purple is next to blue and blue is next to green, on the color wheel)


Jace B. flower (red is next to orange and purple on the color wheel)


Conner W. flower (red is next to purple on the color wheel and
he used the complementary color green for the leaves which we
learned about in our last project painting Squirrels)


Westin’s flower (yellow is next to orange and green on the color wheel)


Pre-K and Kindergarten

The children have been doing various art projects related to the theme of “Feelings”. Discussion has revolved around the kinds of feelings we have and how we express them with color and shape. I took photographs of the children as they acted out a feeling of their choice. We then glued that photograph onto a large paper and they drew what made them feel that way. They had fun guessing which feeling was being portrayed.



Third Graders

Third graders are busy weaving potholders and learning about patterns. They are working very hard to keep the structure of under, over and progressing with eye hand coordination. They are learning how to fix a mistake and are quite proud of their efforts and are taking their potholders home to share.

Fourth Graders

In collaboration with Mrs. Garrison, fourth graders have made self-portraits to go with their bodies they traced in health class. They have learned about the correct proportions of the face while looking into a mirror at themselves. I have encouraged them to add shading and color with makers and chalks. The project is called Mind and Body by 4th grade.


Ashlyn                                                                                                          Caleb


Olivia                                                                                                           Scarlett





January 20th, 2021
First Graders

Learned all about shading and how to make art work look 3-D. They did a great job!




Second Graders
LOVE Sock Puppets!


Look! Ben’s puppet is talking                                                              Finn’s puppet has fangs

Third & Fourth Graders

Painted beautiful illustrations of their favorite Read Aloud Book, Roz The Wild Robot.
Children learned how the writer and illustrator, Peter Brown created the main character, Roz.
In art class, we used a real airbrush to make spattered TEXTURES.




Fifth Graders

Painted landscapes on canvas with acrylic paints. Just BEAUTIFUL 🙂



Sixth Graders

Each student made their own hand, exploring how the human hand really moves. Amazing!




Art Room News:
Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2020

We made our own masks. 🙂

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Fall Art Lessons

James Allen, 6th grade Castle


5th and 6th grade Art Lessons

3rd and 4th grade Art Lessons

1st grade and 2nd grade Art Lessons

Kindergarten Art Lessons

PreK Art Lessons

Hello everybody, students, parents and teachers of Hampton Elementary School. During this time of online Distant Learning, use this web page for art lessons and viewing student work. Parents enjoy this time making art with your children! I will post links and ideas for you to try and have fun doing art projects, too. You don’t really need a lot of special materials to fire up your imagination. Use what you have handy at home. Pencils for sketching, crayons for coloring. Paper for drawing on and folding. Clay for building. One idea maybe for older children and I know this sounds weird, but I found natural deposits of clay in small streams in Hampton. Might be fun when the weather warms up to take a walk in the woods and see what you can find. There is so much online to try, one word of caution though, keep it simple, and doable for your child. Mostly, have an attitude of exploring to see what might happen and what you can make. One of my favorite websites for art ideas is They have free projects and usually are very timely and fun. is a favorite website of the children. It takes them step by step in drawing any animal they choose. YouTube is fantastic to search for art projects to do with your children. I learned how to make a Duct Tape wallet along with 5th graders. When I teach art I try to relate it to what the children are interested in or a famous artist or art historical period. Speaking of Art History, here is a fun way to learn about famous artists and paintings. People at home are recreating famous paintings with stuff they have on hand. Check this out, what a creative and fun way to learn about Art! Students you know how special art is and how much fun it is to make something new that no one has ever seen before. Besides, ART makes you SMART! Remember if something doesn’t work the first time, TRY IT again. I have been trying to bake bread for a couple of days, and it hasn’t been coming out very well. I haven’t had success YET! My bread came out of the oven and looked like a ROCK! And, it takes all day to make bread to put in the oven. But, I am not giving up! I love fresh baked bread YUM! And, guess what! I think I figured out what I did wrong. I am going to give it another try. This will make the third time. Cooking is an Art and making Art is like cooking 🙂 Send me pictures of your Art work. I will put them here to share with everybody, if that is okay with you. Water Color Daffodils by Jayden 6th grade We painted 100 Mixed colors We studied 17th century architecture and Om picked his favorite house to build out of cardboard 6th grade And studied artist Paul Klee Sean was so proud of his bee Addy enjoyed making hers too!