Katherine Schiano

Grade 5

Contact Information:

(860) 455-9409 x119


Dear Students & Families,


During this time of “Continuing of Learning” we will be posting all assignments in Google Classroom, “Continuing of Learning.”  Weekly, we will post assignments on a slideshow outlining the work assignments and this is where assignments and documentation should be submitted.  All work is due by Friday so please be sure to pace yourself during this flexible learning time.

We will be videotaping lessons that can be viewed at the time that best meets your needs. Eventually, we plan on having “live” optional lessons, but they should be available in the google classroom afterwards. This will allow students to watch as many times as they need. Also, we are hoping to have a morning meeting through google hangout, but right now we will have questions within our slideshows. Mrs. Sorel will post a video each day focusing on Social Emotional Learning.  We can be reached by email and we will get back to within eight hours during the work week, M-F. Please direct all science and math questions to Mrs. Schiano. For reading and writing questions, please contact Mrs. Milton. If you have a question on Social Studies, Morning Meeting, or Word Work, please email your homeroom teacher! 

Good luck, 

Mrs. Schiano and Mrs. Milton

Question and Answer for Continuity of Learning

When can you contact Mrs. Schiano(Math, Science & 5th Grade SS)  and Mrs. Milton (Reading, Writing & Grade 6 SS)?

You may contact us at any time through GoogleClassroom or by email. We will email promptly throughout the school day, but can take up to eight hours during the school week.


How do we submit our reading and writing work? 

You may choose to use your notebook or open a document.  If you use your notebook, those who like to be creative in your reading, you will upload a picture on the document.


What will my schedule look like?

You can work at your own pace. You can start first thing in the morning or sometime in the afternoon. All lessons will be posted first thing on Monday or the start of the week. You can do more one day versus another. 


Will I have homework?

You will not have homework except for your daily reading. Please keep up with your book club group, once we get started. 


How will I submit my paper based work?

There will be two ways to submit your work that is handwritten. 

  1. Take a picture and attach the assignment on Google Classroom
  2. Take a picture, upload it on a google doc, and share it!


What are the required times I need to be online?

You will need to be online at 10:00 a.m. We will have a morning meeting, take attendance, and have a class read aloud. We can’t wait to see you each day! 


When does this all begin?

April 1, 2020!

Student Expectations

To Access Successmaker https://hamptonesd2347.smhost.net  (bookmark)

Student Expectations


When working on SuccessMaker, you should focus on your SuccessMaker session.  Here are your teacher’s expectations:


☐  complete  exercises attempted for Math 15 minutes 4 X per week


☐  complete  exercises attempted for Reading 20 minutes 3 X per week.


☐  log onto SuccessMaker quickly (3-5 minutes)


☐  not open any other program, software, or internet window 


☐  work quietly 


☐  if possible, use the headphones during the session


☐  have paper and pencil (or journal) to work


☐  not use your phone, tv or video games during your session


☐  ask for help with difficult questions through email or GoogleClassroom 


☐  not log out early

☐  log out of SuccessMaker using the button