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Enjoy your visit and come back soon! This page of the website is designed for Team B  with Ms. Sanchini and Mrs. Conti.  

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TEAM B is the flexible traveling team! 

Happy Spring from Team B

Updates on our Learning:


We have been learning about extreme weather conditions and have been researching about different kinds of extreme weather.  We have been researching tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods and earthquakes.  Students are going to be taking what they have learned and will be learning about another type of extreme weather.  We are going to be using our padlet for our resources.    Click on this for the Reading Padlet resource. 


4th Grade Math:

We will be starting a new unit on division. We are going to be learning new strategies when solving division problems.  Students will be given math worksheets to help them with their division practice while we navigate through our new unit.


4th Grade Social Studies: 

We will be continuing to study about the mid west region.  We are going to be finishing up our brochures for the states, when we finish we will be able to virtually share them with the class.    We will be continuing to learn about the Midwest Region: the agriculture, natural resources, climate and food.  We will be studying the spelling of the states and their locations on a map.




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Team B Grade 3 and 4

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