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Enjoy an excerpt from Henri’s Scissors, by Jeanette Winter, the story of Matisse and his paper cut-outs. 

                                       WELCOME TO THE ART ROOM! 

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

In the art program we explore and experiment with the Elements and Principles of Art from pre-school to sixth grade.  This helps us develop techniques and skills we need to understand and value art that is all around us and is relevant  to our lives.

Kindergarten -Third Grade Art Topics: Elements of At

Line: Directed line instruction and drawing, print-making

Shape and Space: Cutting and Pasting, overlapping

Color: Primary and Secondary (painting and/or collage)

Form: 3-dimensional art (clay, papier-mâché, cardboard)

Texture: Paper, mixed media

Value: Portraits  (Intro to Modern Artists)

Art Appreciation and History (Artists and cultures)


Fourth – Sixth Grade Topics

Line: Drawing with variety of media, print-making

Color and Value: Oil and chalk pastel, colored pencil, charcoal (color blending)

Color and Texture: Painting (mixing paints/tints and tones), mono-printing,                                                                 Watercolor and tempera techniques (resist, salt, lifting, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry)

Shape: Paper Cutting and Collage

Form: Sculpture, pottery, mask-making, multi-media

Art  Appreciation and History (artists, cultures, techniques)


Talking with children about art

(This book has some helpful tips:)

  • Use the Elements and Principles of Design as a starting point (what shapes, lines, colors, textures, etc. do you see?)
  • Make sure your questions are age appropriate and connect it to the student’s life and interests
  • Ask students about what they notice (who, what, when, where, why), when looking at the art or how it makes them feel
  • Link to Literature: What story does this painting tell?

I love the suggestions on this poster!

I encourage students, (especially 4th – 6th grade,) to use dollar words or million dollar phrases instead of penny words when they talk about artwork. Enthusiasm and meaningful responses improve tremendously.

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Ms. Lindorff Art Room