Mrs. Yaworski Occupational Therapy

I have been a COTA/L,  (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Licensed) since 1999.  I am licensed by the State of Connecticut and certified by NBCOT, the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy.

I provide services on a part time schedule here at Hampton Elementary and Scotland Elementary Schools.

Occupational Therapy encompasses many areas for improving student skill levels.

■Fine motor skills are the main focus and include pincer grasp, finger dexterity, motor sequencing, scissor activities, hand strengthening, handwriting, touch typing abilities.

■Visual motor skills-Eye tracking for improved reading, writing, focus, and spatial awareness

■Eye-hand coordination-Ball skills, handwriting, scissor tasks, typing

■Sensory integration-Self-regulation, awareness of self

■Ergonomics-Postural control, energy conservation

■Self esteem



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Mrs. Yaworski Occupational Therapy