Mrs. Timberman Math Support Teacher

Welcome all !  The Math Support Room is a place where each student celebrates what they know while using new strategies to accomplish and fulfill goals. All of us use our mistakes as stepping stones to learning. As learners, we stretch each day to meet and soar beyond the Common Core Math Standards for each grade level.  Although each journey belongs to the individual student, they don’t have to travel alone. Our math adventure is supported by all. We discover that each brain often takes a different route to a solution…..and we celebrate that!

As Math Support Teacher, I have the pleasure of :

working with small groups in the math room,

working one-on-one with students needing an additional support to fulfill goals and boost confidence,

working within the classroom, 

offering Early Childhood Kinesthetic Math/Music Activities for our Preschool class


To view the Common Core Math Standards follow this link.                                     

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Mrs. Timberman Math Support Teacher