Ms. Pasquarelli – Reading Teacher

Welcome to our Reading Support Program!

Overwhelming research tells us that the more children read the more they become engaged and excited about the process of reading!  Our program has been designed to support readers who need the extra boost helping them to become more confident, independent and successful readers.

All classroom teachers and I work collaboratively to recognize and identify the individual needs of each of our students.  All instruction is tailored both to improve student performance and to nurture a love of reading.

We strongly believe in the cyclical nature of reading:

The More you read…the BETTER you get…the BETTER you get…the more FUN it becomes…the MORE you read!

Check out the links below for additional reading fun!!




GUTENBERG PROJECT;  Offers free ebooks:

 To view Common Core Standards in Reading/ELA follow this link.





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Ms. Pasquarelli – Reading Teacher