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Grade 4

with Mrs. Folan

Welcome to 4th grade! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know everyone, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.


Welcome to Our Classroom!

This is the place where I will update our classroom program, provide links to our sites for homework and share student news.


HNC Newscast

Please click on the link to view the 4th grade Hurricane Katrina Newscasts. This project incorporated google classroom skills, research skills and expository writing. In media, Mrs. Lowney instructed the students on how to utilize google classroom to cooperatively write the scripts. She also filmed and edited the newscast. I would like to thank Mrs. Lowney for all her help and direction with this production.

As part of the language arts curriculum students learned the foundations of writing a news report; answering who, what, when, where, why and how. The students studied the Southeast, in particular Louisiana, as part of the social studies curriculum and in science they learned about deltas, hurricanes and tornadoes. The students worked very hard on this newscast and would like to proudly share it with you.


Mountain Region Tourism Commercials

Colorado MH, MW & BS

Montana HB, AD & DF

Wyoming KM, ES, MW

Idaho HF, AP, SL

Utah ER & CM

Nevada TT, OB & JM

Introducing New Programs for the Intermediate Grades

EnVision for Math and  Reading Street for ELA


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The new enVisionmath is fully powered for Common Core to support print, blended, and 1:1 digital learning experiences. We use this as our primary program and it is also the basis for support SRBI needs. Homework is assigned both in print and digital formats. There will be times throughout the year when students will have an opportunity to bring an iPad home to complete math assignments.

ELA:  English Language Arts


Reading Street integrates all the Common Core Standard Skills. In addition to this comprehensive program, our classroom program integrates the reading of trade books, use of pegwriting and Spelling City. We also use trade books. The trade books provide a variety of quality literature with many opportunities for students to write and reflect on what they have read. In addition, we integrate reading into the Social Studies and Science units.



Here at Hampton Elementary School our students have many  opportunities to write in a wide variety of genres. They each have a writing folder, and they also keep journals. Throughout the school year they will continue to develop their narrative writing (story writing), informational writing and persuasive writing skills. The children also learn to write a research report which requires practice in note taking, outlining and paraphrasing. Grammar, punctuation, editing and proofreading skills are practiced and new skills for revising will be introduced.



We are currently focusing on words that are often needed for writing. We will utilize the Reading Street Program for spelling instruction. For those children who are excellent spellers vocabulary development is emphasized. Children practice spelling daily in class and at home with a final test usually on Fridays. The homework routine is typically writing the words three time on Monday, ten sentences on Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday. Thursday is reserved for studying for the test on Friday. Parent support is helpful. I am not opposed to children typing their sentences, although I do encourage them to try to write them cursive if possible.

Please explore and utilize the Spelling City app/link. It gives students opportunities to practice their words in game like situations, as well as take practice tests. Current spelling lists will be posted on the site weekly. To log on to spelling city, you must include /afolan/ in order to get to our page. 


In addition, to the above curriculum areas, fourth graders receive instruction in art, music, physical education, computer, and library skills. Many take part in our diverse music program with instrumental lessons, band, chorus, drama and creative kids program. Also, we have health class once a week. Below is our daily schedule.












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