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Grade 6 Specials:

(* Updated 8/28/17)

  • Monday – Music & Health
  • Tuesday – Art
  • Wednesday – Art
  • Thursday – PE & Media
  • Friday – PE

Overview: A summary of academic subjects and classroom expectations

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English/Language Arts:

During reading instruction students will read from a variety of sources and genres both fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and classic. Students will be asked to communicate understanding and draw conclusions about what they read while putting the work into a historical world context.

The emphasis in writing is to enhance a student’s ability to accurately communicate his or her ideas and feelings to others. To that end, writing encompasses organization, spelling, grammar, and fluency within a piece of written work.   Students will primarily focus on writing as a tool to support their own opinions, using specific details and content area vocabulary.


Miss Erickson’s site: Padlet


Grade six math is a continuation and mastery of skills developed in the elementary grades as well an introduction to more advanced  concepts of geometry, pre-algebra, and problem solving techniques.

Social Studies:

Students will learn about our own history by studying the earliest civilizations and their influence on modern western culture. We will relate art, technology, governments, and mythology to the present day world around us.


Start of Year: Introduction to 8 Scientific and Engineering Practices

Unit 1: Matter


 Grade Six Moments Captured: Photos of learning in action

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Hour of Code:


I will upload the spelling lists to Spelling City on a weekly basis. If you have never used spelling city before, it is a great tool for practicing and testing your spelling knowledge. Follow the steps below to find your list and let the learning fun begin!

1. Click on the Spelling City image above

2. In the box entitled “Enter search term” enter my last name (Basch). Be sure that search by teacher name is selected in the next drop down box. this should be the default.

3. A list of teachers with the last name “Basch” will appear. Select teacher name “April Basch” for Hampton Elementary School and you will then be taken to our class spelling lists.

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Please be patient as I continue to update this page and provide important information and great resources. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at

Thank you!

Mrs. Basch

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Mrs. Basch’s Page